4 weeks Roof Top Camping in Oman

November 2019

4 weeks Roof Top Camping in Oman

After Namibia and Botswana a few years ago, we were repeat offenders in November/December for a fantastic 4 weeks roof Top Camping with Oliver’s company. Basically we do not like to rent from the “big players” but prefer smaller local companies even with a certain risk of being wrong. We had plenty of email and whatsapp contact beforehand and already noticed that Oliver has tried very hard to respond to our wishes and has given us excellent advice.

 We were delivered a small vehicle to the airport on time with which we then first on your own 2 days the capital area explored before we were then warmly welcomed in the beautiful “Villa Lana” by Oliver. We learned a lot of interesting facts about Oman, received valuable tips for our upcoming tour and also met “like-minded people” in the warm atmosphere of the house with the possibility of important exchange of experiences. The 4 X 4 vehicle exceeded all our expectations in terms of condition, even over the entire 4500 km! 

The camping equipment was super arranged and the nights in the tent high up in the mountains or deep in the deserts remain unforgotten! Thanks to the great 4 X4 offroad guide, which Oliver had warmly recommended to us, we found the most amazing tours and dreamlike places to stay overnight in wadis, oases, steep rock valleys or lonely bays. And in the evening at the daily campfire we dived into the dream worlds of 1001 nights with the travel reports of Sir Wilfred Thesiger!

Our tour led us from Muscat to the west via Barka through the mountains to Nizwa. Afterwards we went through the desert to Salalah and then along the coast – with a detour to Masirah – back to Muscat. We are often on the road but have hardly experienced a country where we felt so safe as in Oman! The friendliness, helpfulness, curiosity and friendliness of the population was – especially for a Muslim country – very pleasant. 

However, I was most impressed when, after a few minutes of conversation with “hands and feet” without words, a Bedouin in the middle of the Rub al Khali desert bid me farewell with a “nose kiss” (similar to the Inuit) not before he had invited us into his tent.

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