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Which 4x4 is good for me?

All our 4×4 cars are offroad capable and you can drive them in the desert and in the mountains.

The difference is in the engine size with 2.7 Ltr being the smallest and 4.0  the largest engine and the size of the car.

For two persons any car will do and if you are more then three persons, a larger vehicle like the Landcruiser would be the best choice because there is more storage space for luggage and camping gear

Can I drive in the desert?

Yes, you can drive in the desert without beeing an experienced offroad driver. There are tracks leading to the desert camps and the signage is easy to follow. It’s very unlikely you get stuck on the main tracks. You can drive a little off the tracks to find a camp site and if you get stuck, a little digging with the shovel usually does the job.

Nevertheless there are Beduines or supply vehicles for the camps passing by every now and then, so you won’t be totally alone. In the small towns near the desert you can ask in a tire shop to deflate/inflate your tires

Camping in Oman

There are no official camping grounds in Oman and free camping is allowed anywhere in the country.

It is also allowed to start a bonfire. You get supplies (food and drinks) in one of the many villages and in Oman, so you don’t need to stock up for days in advance. There are also many fuel stations with ATM’s all over the country.

You can fill up your water canister and ice for the icebox in most petrol stations, restaurants or supermarkets. Good to know is also that there is public water tap with drinking water in front of each mosque.

Navigation and Maps

Maps can be bought at petrol stations and in bookstores, but we recommend to use a navigation app on your mobile. There are many to choose from (e.g HereWeGo, Waze, Google Maps Offline) and they are mostly free and work offline, so you don’t need Wifi or a Mobile network.

We recommend to buy the Explorer Offroad Oman. It is a fantastic book for selfdrive in Oman and you find many off-road routes and camping spots with GPS coordinates in it. Another good recommendation is the Website/App  “” in which travellers mark camping spots all over the world.


The are two visas available, one for 10 days and one for 30 days. Both can be bought online or in Muscat on arrival. However, since January 2022 tourists from most countries don’t need a visa for a stay up to 14 days.

Better you check the current rules for your country before you travel. If you apply for an online visa, you should use use only the official Website: Before you buy one, check when exactly the visa starts beeing valid. For example it could be that the visa is valid for 30 days from the day you bought it

Money Change

There are ATM’s all over the country. You can withdraw up to 500 OMR, but some cards only give 150 OMR.

For cash money exchange you can go to any small exchange offices, usually found in shopping malls in Muscat and all larger towns.

Don’t change much cash at the Muscat Airport because the rate is very bad.

Drinking Water

The water in Oman is generally clean. Still it’s safer to drink only mineral water which you can buy very cheap and everywhere.

The water in Muscat comes from desalination plants so its clean and it is no problem to use it for coffee and tea or brushing your teeth 

Opening Times

Small shops: 8:00 am to 1:00 pm 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The shopping malls: 10:00 am until 10:00 pm.

Friday is the off-day in the middle east.

Offices and some shops are closed but most shops open up again around 4:00 pm.

Shopping mall opening hours on Friday: 10:00 am to 11:00 pm.


Oman is one of the safest countries in the world (often compared to Iceland, Finland, Norway and Switzerland).

You can travel around anywhere without any problems. The people are very hospitable and helpful.

There is almost no crime in the country. Women alone can also travel around Oman without any problems.

Best time to travel

The best time to travel in Oman is from October until April. The average temperature is around 30 C during days and 20 C during nights. It can get down to 5 C in the desert and in the mountains, so you need good sleeping bags

The summer months from May until September can get hot from 35 up to 45 C and also very humid sometimes. In that period It is cooler and very nice in the mountains. Also the temperature drops down a few degrees south of Ras al Hadd due to the south-east monsum

Dress Code

As a general rule in muslim countries woman should cover knees and shoulders . However, Oman is not that strict and in some beaches or mountain tracks woman also wear bikinis for swimming and shorts for hiking. It really depends where you are and who is around

Getting Around

Muscat has no proper public transport yet. The city spreads out very long and you usually need a car or a taxi to get around. There are not many places for walking. For taxis we recommend to download the Taxi-App “OTAXI”. If you stop a taxi on the street, you have to bargain the price.

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