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How to choose my 4x4?

All our cars are off-road capable and good for the desert and mountains. The prices depend mainly on the engine size which range between 2.7 Liter and 4.0 Liter (2.7 is a 4 cylinder and 3.5 and above are 6 cylinder) The largest cars by general size are the Toyota Landcruiser and Nissan Patrol. We recommend those if you are more then 3 persons or a family with kids. Remember that you have your luggage and the camping gear to store

Can I drive in the desert?

Yes, you can drive in the desert alone without being an experienced off-road driver. In Bidiyah town you can deflate/inflate your tires (tire shops). The tracks into the desert and they are easy to drive on. In case you get stuck then a little digging with the shovel usually does the job. There are usually locals around who would help you. Please beware that some Beduins will try to cheat you by telling you that you are on a wrong way or it is too dangerous to drive in the desert. They are fishing to make easy money from tourists 😉

How to navigate?

Our cars don’t have a navigation system. You can buy maps in some bookstores and petrol stations, but most people navigate with their mobile phone. For that we recommend free apps like Google maps offline, Waze or HereWeGo

Is it easy to find supplies?

It is easy to get fuel, food and water everywhere since the infrastructure in Oman is very good and there are many towns and villages around. You can buy ice for the icebox in food stores, supermarkets or petrol stations and you can fill up your water canister (for shower and dishwashing) pretty much anywhere. Note that all mosques have a water tap outside for anybody to use

is camping allowed anywhere?

Yes, there are no official campsites with facilities in Oman and you can camp anywhere (except in the area of Ras Al Jinz Turtle reserve) and also BBQ and bonfires are allowed

is it safe to camp in Oman?

Oman is one of the safest countries in the world (top tent with Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Switzerland). The crime rate is extremely low and you can travel anywhere in Oman. The locals are very friendly and helpful and they welcome tourists

What if the car has a problem?

We provide service for our guests anywhere in the country. If you do have a problem with the car and it is a minor issue, we will advise you on the phone what to do about (small issues could be fixed at a local workshop). In the unlikely event that the car has a more serious issue, we will bring a replacement car to you

How about traffic rules?

It is easy to drive in Oman and the rules are similar to Europe. Most locals here drive rather slow, with few exceptions. Not many people are using turning signals here. The speed limit in the city varies between 60-100 km/h. Outside on the highway the limit is 120 km/h. The roads are in good shape for comfortable driving


Where can I get money?

Don’t change money at the airport because the rate is really bad. You can change in Muscat in exchange offices (usually located in all big shopping malls). ATM’s are at the airport and also everywhere in Oman, so it’s easy to withdraw money while on tour. Note that some credit cards can not withdraw more then 150 OMR at the time for some unknown reason

What SIM card shall I buy?

We recommend OMAN MOBILE or OOREDOO. These two are the ones with the largest network. They both are available at Muscat airport. SIM cards are very cheap in Oman. Note that phone credit and Internet data are separated. It means you might buy phone credit but have no internet data

What's the dress code like?

There is no law how to dress in Oman, but in respect to the culture we recommend for woman to cover their shoulders and knees especially in small villages. In Muscat it is not so strict and also in the mountains and some Wadis western cloth are tolerated. We recommend to play it by feeling..See who is around and then decide

When is the best time to travel?

The season in Oman is from October to April with temperatures of around 30 C day and 20 C night. In January/February temperatures drop little and it can get cold in the mountains (5 C) and desert (8 C). All throughout the year we have nice warm weather here with very few rainy days. In the summer month (May to September) the average temperature is 35-43 C. There is no rain season in Oman (except in Salalah from June-August) 

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