Traveling Oman with a roof top tent – a special experience

Mathias & Nadja

December 2019

Traveling Oman with a roof top tent – a special experience

Around September we decided to escape the often stressful and hectic Christmas & New Year celebrations and to go on a trip to Oman instead. We chose to spend 2 weeks in a roof top tent in order to be more flexible and independent on where to stay.

We have planned many different stops and checking in and out of hotels would have been only stressful or we would have had to drive for hours from the hotels to the different sights. Before leaving many of our friends and family where just asking one question when we told them about our plans – “Really? Are you not afraid?”

We were not afraid at all – everything we heard so far about Oman was only good “nice people, good food and safe”. And this is also exactly what we’ve experienced. We spent two weeks in the north of Oman, visiting Muscat, Nizwa, the Mountains (Jebel Akhdar and Jebel Shams), the desert and many, many different Wadis. Wherever we went people have been nice and welcoming and we haven’t been afraid once. We can really recommend this kind of travelling as you can stay wherever you like it and as long as you like.

The car was perfect and also the camping equipment actually included everything we needed. We also managed to have a few nice showers which was one of our main concern. To everyone who’s thinking about it – DO IT! You will have a great time in the middle of Nature, be it the mountains, the desert or the different oasis surrounded by camels, goats and donkeys. It’s awesome!

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