10 Days Roof Top Camping in Oman

January 2020

10 Days Roof Top Camping in Oman

We are an italian family and we went in Oman last December. We decided to organize our 10 days trip independently without a tour operator or a guide. When we decided our destination (October/November) it was a little late to plan such a travel.. and we needed a lot of things, actually, I admit, we are not such organized people…

First I was looking for a roof tent, this was really important and while I was searching on line I couldn’t find a good car equipped with tent …(not a big offer or really expensive or not so reliable). Well, I finally found Oliver and I contacted him. He has been our solution for so many things. First he rented a perfect roof tent to mount on our rented car and also provided all the things we needed with a complete set of camping things (chairs, table, kitchen tools..).

Moreover, when we met him he has been really pleasant, nice and professional. Oliver offered us more than what we expected (as a second ground tent, sleeping bags…) for the same price previously agreed! Beside the practical things, Oliver gave us suggestions for our route and also good information on the best places to go to and where to have free camping.

I sincerely suggest to contact him for so many useful info and gear to have a wonderful and perfect trip in Oman.

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