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Welcome in Oman, the perfect country for rooftop tent camping.

Why Oman?

Oman is one of the best countries to go camping. Why you ask..?..well, how about pristine beaches on a thousand kilometer coastline, spectacular mountains, beautiful deserts, amazing Wadis, and the locals are extremely friendly and helpful. Oman is also considered as one of the safest countries in the world with an extreme low crime rate. It is known to be the Switzerland of the Middle East.  

Why choose us?

We offer personal advisory to all our guests at the time of the car handover. We will answer questions and give tips and useful information and suggestions about your route and locations. We will also explain in detail the setup of the rooftop tent and we will go through the camping gear with each guest as well. You will be also invited to join our Active-Oman WhatsApp group, in which our guests who are on the road can exchange information or group up for special trips like desert crossing 

Why rooftop camping?

Sleeping in a rooftop tent has so many advantages. It is easy to set up in 3 minutes, it protects you from dust and insects, you get a nice breeze up there, the view is great and you sleep on a comfortable large mattress. It’s just perfect 🙂

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