During the planning phase for our three-week trip to Oman, we came across active Oman online. Our inquiry and other open questions were answered quickly and competently by Oli.

The stay in the Lana villa was great. friendly, courteous staff, comfortable rooms, and plenty of information about possible travel routes/destinations. I recommend the “Oman Offroad” travel guide from explorer. This could be obtained in our case conveniently by Oli.

The 4×4 was delivered directly to the Lana villa. Pick up and return uncomplicated. Car in top condition. Any questions were answered immediately.

The rooftop tent comfortably and in a few minutes without much effort set up. All necessary camping material available. Ice for the cooler is available in every 2nd supermarket and supermarkets are like sand on the sea.
The trip itself was indescribably beautiful and varied. The people met us very open, friendly, curious and courteous. We felt very safe at all times.

Traffic-wise, I have never been so relaxed on the road (not even at home in Switzerland). Of course, there are also the unwritten laws of the road, but you quickly get to know them. The road users generally drive with foresight, fairly and adapted to the circumstances. The most important roads are in top condition.
Offroad tracks for beginners to advanced a discretion!

Would repeat the whole thing immediately! And also then about active-oman.
Thank you, Steffi and Tino

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